A Lullaby

2012, 2 min, video, color

  by Christine Rebet
Editor: R Yun Keagy

Somewhere between here and now in association with LA Islam Arts Initiative,
at Freewaves LA, Nov 20, 2014

Rebet’s appropriation of John Cage’s A Lullaby (1993) is mimicked by a parrot, whose recital strips the words of their specificity while urging the viewer to listen to what is being said. Starting with this plea, the program presents works by five artists who present a refusal to define a specific place or site, and question what indefinable places and their layered histories can offer towards our understanding of charged, mediatized contexts, as well as the contested politics and images of protest that shape ideas of place. The program does not settle on a particular locatable geography, but rather presents various places that do not need to be defined nor determined in order to be understood.