Black Sun:  Rini Yun Keagy with Miljohn Ruperto

2017, Flaten Art Museum, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

During California’s Great Bakersfield Dust Storm of 1977 a warm winter wind sped to 192 miles per hour. Dust rose to 5,000 feet. The sun went black.

Black Sun: Rini Yun Keagy with Miljohn Ruperto considers human life, the earth, and its objects through an investigation of a soil-dwelling pathogenic fungus, Coccidioides immitis, and its associated disease, valley fever, in California’s Central Valley. The exhibition’s focus is Ordinal (SW/NE), the 2017 experimental documentary film directed and produced by Rini Yun Keagy in collaboration with Miljohn Ruperto.

The gallery is occupied by film stills, live-action video, animated sequences, soundscapes, and physical objects used in the creation of Ordinal (SW/NE):

Object Descriptions

Untitled (Pazuzu wings and mask)
feathers, metal, latex

The Demon Pazuzu (artist unknown)
resin replica of bronze original, 7th–8th century BCE
On loan from the Nasser Family Collection Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan

Agricultural Field, Lennar Tract, Orchard Reservoir, Oil Field
film stills (Flaten Art Museum permanent collection)

Wild is the Daughter of Anu (diptych)
archival inkjet prints

Desert Lung
digital animation and mixed media

Black Sun
audio sculpture

The Specimen of Dr. Alejandro Posadas, 1891
video and mixed media

Re-animating "Valley Turbulence" by Sam Chase (Re-framed)
Video and mixed media

Central Valley (diptych)
two-channel video